Monday, 5 December 2011

December 6th Coffs Harbour

Today has been a rest day but to be honest has just been running around.  We have sorted visas for Thailand, more money!  For that we needed photos and money orders as well as going back and forth to the travel agents.  We could have done it in Sydney I suppose or Brisbane if we go there but at least it is done now.

Because of that we haven't really looked around Coffs Harbour, we haven't even been to the harbour infact!  The trip in Oz is not about the bike ride unlike NZ.  In NZ the ride was enough ass the views were awsome and the roads quiet.  Here the rides are ok but the beaches are great.  Because of this we have been taking shorter day rides to visit the small beaches on route.

We only have about 4 or 5 days riding to get to Byron Bay where we intend to stop for awhile before we visit our friends.  Lets hope the weather picks up as it is the coldest start to summer they have had for a generation, just our luck!!!

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