Friday, 6 January 2012

Final Thoughts

Final Thought on the Ride

Well it is a totally different place to ride than New Zealand that’s for sure!  The drivers are not bike friendly although most will at least try not to hit you.  The roads don’t have the scenery either as the coastal roads don’t seem to have views of the see as a rule but the ferry trips and the small beach towns are very special.  The trip is more about the stops than the cycling so give yourself plenty of time to make the trip. 

The cost of living and camping is quite high with some places around $40 for the night and $50+ in Byron.  Camp kitchens are rarely more the BBQs so you might need a stove if like me you need a coffee in the morning.  We had a cold and wet spell for the time of year during our trip but it was still too warm to wear waterproof trousers in the rain.  Our little tent could get mighty warm and a sleeping bag was used more to lie on rather than in.  On a hot day cycling was far better than standing still as the breeze took the edge off the heat until you had a slow steep climb to contend with.

So 1000km on a mix of dirt, quiet and main roads.  Plenty of wildlife and a little surfing.  I have enjoyed the ride even though it wasn’t the initial  plan as our trip to Oz was all about meeting up with my friends for Christmas.  Would I do it again, maybe not that ride but I would cycle in Australia again for sure.  Tasmania looks like a great spot and the south coast looks like another awesome area to ride, better start saving again!

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